Translator in China: more than an assistant

It is believed that the basis of any successful business is full understanding and trust between the partners.

Can such full understanding and trust be achieved if the parties speak different languages? This is unlikely! What if the interpreter is not on your side? What kind of trust is that?

So it turns out that, going to China to purchase profitable goods, the first thing you need is not even money, but a reliable, a Swiss Bank-like interpreter.

You can find them in Relycom, based in Guangzhou, but serving in the most remote corners of China. Let's say more: we provide a successful business with China for many countries, not only for Europe. That is why our employees are fluent in Russian, Italian and many other languages, not to mention English and Chinese. This, as you know, is assumed by definition.

Professionals in written Chinese

However, to make a successful transaction speaking skills are just a part of it. The whole point is that our experts "translate" even what Chinese ingenious suppliers leave between the lines both during negotiations and on paper.

The local mentality simply does not contemplate the concept of "mutual benefit". Any action is aimed only at getting the maximum at the minimum cost.

However, Relycom translators easily catch all these tricks. In fact, they will do all the negotiation work for you.

Interpreter in China – a guide, an advocate a consultant …

That is why our interpreters will:

  • plan your entire trip from "A" to "Z" in advance;
  • meet you at the airport of any city in China with an honorary car (which in China is not as expensive as you think);
  • ensure a successful transaction, even if you by acting on your own, made some mistakes…

If someone does not understand yet, the interpreter acts in your interests since the beginning and, more importantly, is responsible for every word you say. You may use also electronic gadgets like Google Pixel Buds or other translating apps, but only when you come to China for vacation. For effective business talks, however, you certainly need a wise specialist from Relycom.


Are you still thinking it over? Contact us and let us take care of your staying in China

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