Finding a supplier in China

As a matter of fact, the wording in the title of this page is not quite correct. It is obvious that a reasonable and prudent importer from any country of the world seeks to optimize his/her costs for the purchase of the products from China, and therefore will primarily look for direct contacts with the manufacturer.

However, we cannot categorically state that it is 100% more profitable to enter into transactions with a factory than to buy their products from a trading company. The fact is that business with China, sometimes, is not just unpredictable, but in the full sense paradoxical.

It may well be that the prices of the same products from the manufacturer's warehouse are much higher than those from the trading companies.

For any other economy, it would look like a complete absurdity, but let us recall once again: China is a complex matter! And given this fact, we will furthermore name “suppliers” any Chinese partner who will offer to our customers the most acceptable conditions for purchasing goods.

Additional difficulty

When people mention the "Chinese Characters", it is clear that it is about something inaccessible to understand. Unfortunately, an experienced interpreter is not the only requirement to understand local business relationships, because Chinese suppliers are not so much divided in profitable and non-profitable, but more in bona fide, almost bona fide and unscrupulous. And to distinguish one from the other is a science more difficult than learning Chinese characters.

Constructive proposals from Relycom

Having actively worked in these conditions for almost a decade, our company has learned "to separate the wheat from the chaff". Our database contains hundreds of reliable-proven suppliers of almost everything that is produced today in China.

Moreover, to establish strong contacts, we even collect information about the personality of the owners, their preferences etc.

We maintain diplomatic relations with everyone, without exception. Including with those suppliers that are not involved in existing transactions. Good contacts for the future, so to speak.

As for specific measures for the implementation of the service, having received from the client a request to find a supplier in China, our specialists will:

  • study the current price situation in the market;
  • match the customer's requests and wishes with the capabilities of all manufacturers in the region;
  • get information about the availability of finished goods of the required quality also from trading companies;
  • choose at least five “best of the best” suppliers from among the most suitable according to the criteria specified by the customer;
  • conduct preliminary negotiations with potential suppliers on behalf of the client.

All these actions are carried out in the shortest time possible, but with great care and responsibility, because not only the client's profit, but also Relycom’s reputation directly depends on the results!

As a bonus, we will collect for you the samples from the suppliers that you chose and send to your address.

* Note: other operations may be included in the supplier search service at the customer's request. For example, the preparation and coordination with the Chinese side of purchase contracts.

Contact us and we will turn wholesale purchases in China from an unsolvable problem to an exciting adventure.

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