Purchase representative in China (buyer in China)

"Why do I need it when there is such a wonderful Alibaba website and other similar services that offer goods from China at [allegedly] wholesale prices and without intermediaries?"- many people will say with indignation now.

And they will be categorically wrong, if only because there are already millions of examples of unsuccessful ordinary purchases. But if the incident of a single case with someone obtaining damaged goods instead of an expensive gadget does not seem to the majority a significant problem, imagine the condition of a big importer who received a whole container of such goods for a huge amount of money.

In our almost ten years of practice, we have seen everything…

Paradoxes of China

With all this, the day is not far off when the Chinese economy will become the leading one on the planet. Even now, the largest corporations have moved their main production here, and far-sighted business people around the world strive to gain a foothold in this specific export-oriented market as much as possible.

The do-it-yourself approach, alas, is not paying off.

Chinese society is a complex system and its people are particularly stubborn when it comes to rules: whatever you do, you have to do it their way. For this reason, even experienced agents of powerful foreign multinationals are often unable to bring home some results, if not directly kicked out from the Chinese market. Only those who smoothly and unobtrusively joined Chinese people’s environment, for years earning their trust, can understand Chinese society and establish with the people a full cooperation.

In addition, for a successful business in China, one must also be able to learn the language and the habits of the locals to be able to negotiate. And if negotiation isn’t everything, one should master local business practice in order to avoid serious drawbacks.

To avoid all these potential troubles, it is important to avail yourself of an experienced and reputable representative who feels here like a fish in the water.

You will be safely in your cozy office, counting the profit, while your representative in China will provide this profit in good faith.

Relycom: a classic example of trust.

Indeed, Relycom’s specialists abound in both knowledge and practical experience, without exception. We are also authorized to represent the interests on a permanent basis of big importers and companies that are just starting their way in the Chinese market.

To effectively represent your interests throughout the PRC, we offer an impressive package of services:

  • selection of reliable partners with the most favourable terms of cooperation;
  • detailed independent audit of suppliers and manufacturers;
  • preparation of purchase contracts, export documentation and their analysis for compliance with the customs;
  • assist in conducting initial negotiations;
  • placing orders in production;
  • multi-level quality control of products;
  • calculation of logistics and organization of physical delivery of the purchased goods to the place specified by the client;
  • verification of transaction-related business information at any stage;
  • operational resolution of emergency situations …

and a lot more, not to mention the support of professional interpreters and translators, experts in Chinese culture.

All this potentiality will be "switched on" automatically at the moment of an official assignment of Relycom to represent your interests.


Choose Relycom to represent your imports from China,

Choose the best!

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