Production inspection and quality control in China

One of the most popular areas of activity among our customers are services to ensure the proper quality of imported products from China.

Undoubtedly, the two activities in the title are related to each other, but still different: quality control of the goods can consist only in the participation of Relycom specialists right before the shipment (and, accordingly, we will make sure that our customer will receive the right goods and at the requested quality), or can be defined as a whole set of actions at each stage of the creation of the product.

In most cases, we are instructed to monitor the process, starting from the purchase of raw materials and up to the sealing of the container filled with finished products of adequate quality.

However, at the request of the client, we can undertake just part of the above mentioned actions. At the same time, it should be clarified that in the specific conditions of China, one can expect some foul play, also from a proven and still impeccable supplier. Therefore, it is not recommended to give up the control, but responsibly undertake in any case a QC by means of professionals in China.

After all, even insurance against damage and loss during transportation in comparison with the probability of dishonesty of the Chinese supplier, as practice shows, is a useless measure.

Usually the cargo necessarily reaches the recipient, but what will be inside the container if it was sent without careful control? Damaged goods?

Insurance companies have not yet started to insure imports from China for obvious fraud or underload, which means that obviously you should protect yourself from them only with the help of experienced people acting in your interests directly on the ground.

What is included in our quality control service?

As usual, we briefly list everything we can do for the client in this area:

  • Relycom's specialists specify how much the potential supplier has mastered the necessary technologies before the start of the production process;
  • after the signing of the contract (mostly for large orders), we consistently monitor the purchase and use of raw materials, fittings, components, etc.;
  • regular (for distribution of small batches) inspection of quality of finished goods and conditions of its temporary storage;
  • we check not only the product itself, but also its packaging for compliance with the requirements declared by the client;
  • final and full-scale inspection is carried out before shipment, during which we recalculate the amount of pieces of the batch, make measurements of the dimensions and weight of the entire batch, check the completeness, packaging, labelling, etc.;
  • if necessary, we can run tests the product.

The result of all these actions, as expected, is a detailed written report, as well as photo and video materials, which, if anything, can serve as an evidence base or just arguments in a dispute.

However, until now, this has not yet reached this degree with transactions managed by Relycom. Chinese, sometimes, tend to shrink from an unbiased control and, as a rule, try to avoid conflicts by any means. But if you will be at the loggerheads with your Chinese supplier, rest assured that we will be there for you.

Perhaps this is the most important advantage of working with us. Even if the customer has entrusted us with just an inspection of a little batch from a trading company – an intermediary, everything will happen as it should.

We know our business perfectly well!

Contact us and we will prove it in practice.

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