Cargo delivery from China

First, we admit that in our fairly small organization by Chinese standards, we do not have a logistics department.

We simply do not need it, because for around ten years of work, we know for sure all the "ins and outs" of this business, and therefore all the sensible transport companies.

In the same way you entrust us with a successful purchase of goods from China or checking their quality, you can entrust us with a well-thought-out organization of their delivery anywhere in the world.

Relycom knows perfectly well the meaning of efficient logistics. According to your needs, we are ready to calculate if not mathematically the shortest, the most effective [and most importantly – the most cost-effective] way to deliver your goods from China. Whether it is a set of traditional "consumer goods" or complex high-tech equipment in need of additional care and documentation.

Naturally, we have objective information about who with the lowest cost and maximum guarantees will provide fast and hassle-free transportation. And we will be happy to share this secret with you, if, of course, such a task is set before us within the framework of a formal agreement.

Big nuances of small batches

It is obvious that for the supplier and for the importer (and for us – the authorized representatives of the remote buyers) is much more convenient such a well-known method of delivery as container transportation. However, it often happens that the orders are not so large.

Then logistics begins to work twice as effectively: using groupages, delivering the goods in one spot, and sending them to different locations or even different countries.

However, Relycom is able to plan and implement even such technically complex operations, if necessary. 

Start even small, and we will help you to become the best in your market!

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