Are you willing to pay for security?

Nobody wants to fall into scams that promise mountains of gold, will take advance of your money and then run away. Just imagine, you ordered the service of supplier’s research in China, made an 100% advance payment, and the contractor sends you a blank document or just disappear from the horizon and won't return your calls. Bummer, isn't it? But what can you do? The cooperation in the virtual environment is very risky. It is difficult to entrust your money to a person or an organization that you have never seen in real. You probably are thinking about whether there is a way out. So we thought, and we found a solution.

Why should we think about it?

Relycom is not the largest organization in the field of intermediary services in China. Actually, we have many competitors, but very few people care about customer safety. Moreover, to deceive is simple: you can create a beautiful business card, advertisement on different websites, make a lot of promises and then just disappear. We are aware of this, so we looked into this problem and the various ways to protect our customers.

Everything was much simpler when Relycom functioned in the offline environment - meeting and conversation with the client face to face makes the process of cooperation easier. But, once we started to conduct our business online, the first question from a potential client was: "How can I trust you with my money and be sure that you do not deceive me? Can you first start to find a supplier for me and then I'll pay for the service?”. We understand and share this point of view. However, we want to be honest with you all: we also don't want to waste time doing some work that the client will never pay. So, we thought about how to solve this impasse and found a solution.

Attention, you are under protection

"What I like of Relycom is the flexibility of thinking and a good teamwork. Faced with the problem of trust (or rather mistrust of clients), our team immediately began to look for solutions. Several options were proposed: partial payment (30-50% in advance), encrypted report document, but it did not solve the problem. Then I offered to try to work through system.

The way it works is simple - a customer orders a service, for example take the search of suppliers in China, and then makes a payment on the account in Then we receive notice of the payment, which is credited and locked (we cannot withdraw) on our account. We carry out the order, send the report to the client, and only after the acceptance of work by the client we can withdraw our money. In situations of conflict, the dispute goes to Arbitration of the team of which will proceed with an internal investigation, and then makes an independent conclusion in favor of the client (and refund) or in favor of the service provider (and makes a payment for the performed work). It's simple, though, since takes a service fee, which should be paid by the client. For a better understanding of the amount of the service fee please take a look to the practical service fee calculator on website. 

Now let me speak directly to the reader. To pay the commission for secure transaction or work with us directly - you decide. But in any case we will be happy to establish with you a long term cooperation. I also want to hear your opinion about this idea: do you like it or not? Or maybe you have your own ways of solving this problem? Share your thoughts with us by following our Facebook page and commenting on it"

Web marketing specialist of Relycom, Paul Kim.

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