Due diligence and verification of suppliers

Do you know how to make deals at a great distance? Yes, certainly – on Internet today is possible to do this and more. Let's not fool around: today anyone, including the toddlers, can do absolutely anything online.

However, business in China for serious people does not look as easy as ordering a parcel through some Aliexpress.

Wholesale purchases is a whole science, which takes years to master. And if it is easy to order anything online, alas, it is impossible to buy an understanding of Chinese mentality.

That is why – since both toddlers and large importers have been repeatedly cheated – we need to be able to verify the real potential of the Chinese supplier. 

Even if you have already made a mistake by ignoring Relycom's offer of full support, and made a deal with a suspicious Chinese supplier, we are still here to help you.

Right for this purpose we created for you this service

Due diligence of the supplier

All the imports from China can be seen as a circle that begins with a thorough due diligence of the Chinese supplier, within which we usually carry out:

  • a comprehensive qualification verification with visits to the legal address and the production plant;
  • inspection of facilities and equipment;
  • collection of information on staff qualifications;
  • control of business reputation through the Internet, media and operational channels;
  • preliminary negotiations;

and some more operations (in accordance with the wishes of our client, of course).

However, even with a less complex service, supplier verification is also very effective and always achieves the goal.

In any case, after the intervention of Relycom, import from China is guaranteed to become not only very profitable, but also completely safe.

What does the client get as a result of the work?

The whole service consists in collecting the maximum amount of information about the supplier and its potentiality. Although, the customer has the right to choose the right amount of knowledge, but it is obvious that the more you get, the more confidence you have in the successful prospects of a one-time transaction or a long-term contract.

So, we present to the customer:

  1. copies of constituent documents, licenses and certificates of the future partner;
  2. present location of offices and production facilities;
  3. information on the financial and technical potential of the supplier, the number and competence of its employees, the degree of its capacity utilization, etc.;
  4. transaction-related data on financial statements, updated Bank details, objective credit history and information on the presence of non-Bank debts;
  5. a detailed written report with comments and explanations on each item.

* Note: in a situation where the application includes a mandatory direct visit to offices and factories, Relycom specialists will also provide the customer with a photo and video report from the audit.

Do not miss the chance to gain confidence in the future!

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