Perhaps, to some will seem strange, but for all these years we ourselves did not produce anything in China nor did sell. We actually never engage in imports from China.

This is because all of our efforts have focused on helping others doing it.

The “others” are you, European entrepreneurs that, accustomed to a different modus operandi than the Asian one, have tried (with extreme difficulty) to adapt to the principles of the Chinese business mentality.

So, over the years of active and, what is more important, effective work on behalf of Relycom’s customers, we have become real experts in the field of relations with the business community of the People's Republic of China.

Today, we can confidently guarantee that we will not only warn you against all kinds of mistakes during your purchases from China, but also:

  • We will search for you any product in China and we will present it with the best purchase conditions;
  • We will check that all quality, packaging and delivery date requirements are respected by the Chinese factory;
  • We will arrange for you the transport of goods in the cheapest and safest way possible;

We can represent your interests all over the Chinese territory, because Relycom’s sphere of influence is not limited to the south of China, but expands all across the Country.

In order to successfully and cost-effectively carry out the orders of our clients, we do not need to involve interpreters: all employees of Relycom are fluent in English, Russian, Italian and, of course, Chinese.

In addition, over the years we have created a database of Chinese suppliers of proven reputation in various manufacturing sectors. That’s that! For those who are now approaching imports from China, we have paved the way in advance: you just need to make your requests on the products to be imported and we will let you choose among dozens of reliable Chinese suppliers. 

Of course, we will also help those who have already tried to import from China on their own, but have realized that without the help of professionals it is easy to run into problems.

Simply put, Relycom has an extensive experience of successful “handling” of unpleasant situations in which foreign buyers fall into while importing from China.

Having proof of all the skills we have mentioned is really simple:

Call us, write us, send us a message on social media or... come and visit us in Guangzhou! You will discover that it is easier, faster and safer to buy from China with our help than without.

Contact us and you will feel the difference.

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