Authentic experts and experienced performers – the key to your successful import from China!

  • Only high-quality products from China

    Contrary to the widespread belief, the quality of Chinese products can compete with the one of the world’s best manufacturers. However, practice shows that their purchase requires continuous monitoring at all stages (production, storage, shipment, etc.).

  • Reliable (and certified) suppliers

    For the newbies in this line of business, to make a mistake in choosing the Chinese supplier will be easier than to hazard a guess. Problems with customs clearance are the least of the evils that are inevitably to be expected if you do not entrust your import to experienced professionals on the spot.

  • The most suitable price

    Chinese people are natural-born marketers and the opportunity to sell something above the real price is too juicy. However, Relycom knows the true price of the products, choosing only the best for its client, but at the same with a fair price…

  • Proper customs clearance and optimal logistics

    Any experienced importer knows that buying products from China at a profitable price is only half the work. It is no less difficult to deliver your purchases: the goods can be stuck at customs, and transport companies add unexpected extra fees. We know how to avoid it.

The real scope of Relycom’s services

The East is a delicate matter, but we know all its subtleties…


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